How to Protect Your Deck

//How to Protect Your Deck
Deck - Maintenance

Our decks are made from #2 pressure-treated pine lumber which means that the lumber is processed to force preservatives deep into the fibers of the wood, giving the wood better resistance to decay and termites.  When new, pressure treated lumber appears yellowish or greenish in color, but will soon turn a silvery gray color when exposed to the elements unless it is sealed.

It is recommended that your deck be sealed with a water sealant approximately four to six months after the deck has been built.  This allows the wood time to cure.  Sealing protects your deck from water damage.  When water enters the wood and then dries out, it causes the wood to expand and contract.  Splitting and cracking can then occur.  It is not unusual to see splitting and cracking in new decks prior to a sealant being applied.

To apply a sealant, clean the deck by sweeping or even power washing with a strong household detergent if it has any mildew.  Carefully follow the instructions on the water sealant and be sure not to eat, drink, or smoke while using preservatives.

Wood shrinkage will cause loose boards and nails to rise up.  It is a good idea to check occasionally for loose nails.  Re-nail loose boards and reset loose nails where expansion and contraction has taken place.  Do not use the same nail holes.

Check support posts, steps, and railing periodically to be sure they are still fastened securely.  Do not sit on deck rails.