Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Living In Downtown Raleigh

//Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Living In Downtown Raleigh
Downtown Raleigh NC

North Carolina is arguably one of the east coast’s most beautiful states, and Raleigh is its crowning jewel. With a rich and colorful history as well as a promising future as one of the region’s fastest-growing economic centers, Raleigh welcomes nearly 100  new residents every week! And with 21 different and unique neighborhoods, downtown Raleigh is sure to offer something for everyone. There are literally hundreds of reasons to call downtown Raleigh “home” and we’ve highlighted the top five for you:

  1. JobsForbes recently rated Raleigh as the third best city in the country for job growth. With its four major universities and booming STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) job market, Raleigh is creating hundreds of new jobs every month.
  2. Food & Drink – Downtown Raleigh is home to a truly eclectic food and craft beer scene. From traditional BBQ at The Pit to vegan Succotash Faro Risotto at Fiction Kitchen there is no shortage of creative and satisfying meals to be had in the downtown area. Not to be outdone by the impressive restaurant selection, craft breweries also have a large footprint in downtown Raleigh. At Crank Arm Brewing they’re doing amazing things with locally sourced ingredients like the handmade chocolate used in their Holy Smokes Porter.
  3. Arts & Culture – The Raleigh area is home to four major universities, so it comes as no surprise that there are several museums and cultural venues nearby. The NC museum of History, NC Museum of Natural Sciences, Marbles Children’s Museum, and Fletcher Opera Theater are just a few of the many locations where locals and tourists can spend the day soaking up regional history, enjoying theater and live musical performances, or just marveling in the wonder that is natural science.
  4. Climate – Located just a few hours from both the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, Raleigh benefits from mild year-round weather with four glorious seasons. This makes downtown the perfect place to live for those who want to walk or bike to work, or who just want to get out and explore their neighborhood on the weekends.
  5. Public Transportation – Living in downtown Raleigh means tons of access to public transportation. CAT (Capitol Area Transit) offers the R-Line, a free shuttle system that offers on/off access to a variety of downtown locations for both resident commuters and visiting tourists.

When considering the best places to relocate in North Carolina, it’s easy to see why downtown Raleigh continues to find itself at the top of the list. For more information on downtown Raleigh neighborhoods, please contact us.