Reap the Benefits of Building a New Home in Apex, NC

//Reap the Benefits of Building a New Home in Apex, NC
Brighton Forest - Apex, NC

The slogan of Apex, North Carolina is “The Peak of Good Living.” Here’s a sneak peek at that peak, or how you can “Reap the Benefits of Building a New Home in Apex, NC.” You’ll see why Money magazine named it “Number 1 Best Place to Live in the US” in 2015.

A Rich Heritage

According to the town’s historians, the early history of Apex stems from a railroad station chartered in the mid 1850s, although the first train did not chug through town until fifteen years later. The first settlers came to the area in the 1860s, and the town officially incorporated in 1873. The picturesque community sits at the highest point along a 30-mile section of the Chatham Railroad, hence the name “Apex.” Steam engines stopped at the top of the incline to refill their water supply on their way to neighboring Raleigh.

And Then…Technology Happened

Apex was a sleepy little burg well into the early 1960s when it got a wake-up call: the nearby Research Triangle Park emerged and attracted technology firms from all over the globe like a magnet. Apex became a boom town, along with the rest of the Triangle; by 1990, the population soared to more than 5,000. The town continued to grow during the 1990s as high-tech companies steadily migrated into the area.

The leaders of Town of Apex know that quality of life and future economic development is becoming increasingly dependent upon the speed of internet networks that citizens and businesses alike can access. Providers are currently upgrading equipment and running high-speed fiber to meet these needs.

When You Want to Unplug…

…Apex is ready to provide you with a variety of options for entertainment and relaxation. The Halle Cultural Arts Center offers seasonal performances sure to please even the reluctant theater goer, and special events and festivals abound, including the annual Peakfest, held the first Saturday in May. Fido can get in on the fun at one of the many dog parks that dot the landscape, and there’s more than a half-dozen parks for people, too! And while Apex doesn’t boast any professional sports teams (yet), kids and adults alike can choose from a full selection of athletic activities in and around the city.

New homeowners can truly enjoy the best of both worlds in Apex — an old-fashioned, small town with a keen eye toward the future. We invite you to contact us about how you can become a part of this vibrant community.