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Winter Home Maintenance: Gutters, Downspouts, Pipes & More

What happens when you avoid regular maintenance on your gutters and downspouts? You might just look up one day to see your ceiling has a leak, or you may start to notice cockroaches and mosquitoes roaming your home. What’s worse is you might not see the structural damage that may be happening to your home until it is too late. This kind of damage will seep slowly into your home’s foundation, invisibly metastasizing into a potential and very expensive problem. Your

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The Best Neighborhood Spots in Downtown Raleigh North Carolina

Downtown Raleigh offers a vibrant, friendly community within walking distance to some of the best places this city has to offer. While new neighborhood gems are popping up all the time, families will still appreciate the peaceful neighborhood charm. It’s urban living, southern style. With everything to do and see downtown, there is something for everyone here. Take a look at some of the highlights: Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts: Downtown Raleigh is littered with fabulous independent studios, galleries,

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Top 4 Reasons to Relocate to Wilmington, NC

Nestled on the coast of North Carolina, is the vibrant 300-year-old port city of Wilmington. With so much to offer in terms of history, arts, dining, nightlife and natural beauty, it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular destination for starting a family, relocating or vacationing. Let’s break down the top reasons to live in Wilmington. #1 RICH in History and the Arts First colonized in the 1720s, there are plenty of well-preserved historic sites from the Bellamy Mansion to the Orton