Relocating? How to Take the Pain Out of Your Long-Distance Home Search

//Relocating? How to Take the Pain Out of Your Long-Distance Home Search

Relocating can be an experience filled with anxiety of the unknown, especially when you are heading off to live in a place that feels foreign to you. From trying to find a new home to figuring out the travel expenses associated with the move, relocating can be just as overwhelming as it is exciting. Whether you are moving to a new city to take on a new job, to be closer to family, or because you simply need a change of pace, there are several things you can do to make it a less painful adventure.

Take Advantage of Technology

Technology has made it easier to explore new places, and even homes, virtually! Many real estate agencies now incorporate virtual home tours into their property listings, so you can walk through the home and check out its features without even being there. Virtual home tours will save you time and money because you can immediately weed out the homes that do not impress you and narrow your list down to the homes you want to see in person. Virtual home tours take much of the guesswork out of picking out the places you want to see once you arrive to meet up with your real estate agent.

If you find a potential home that does not have a link to a virtual tour, you can ask the seller agent or your own real estate agent to record a video of the home and email it to you or set up a video telephony session with the realtor using apps like FaceTime or Tango and get a live virtual tour right on your smartphone.

Research Your New City Ahead of Time

With all of the community forums and city web pages available, you can find out all you need to know about a neighborhood and an entire city within minutes. Be sure to read up on your potential new neighborhood through different sources so you can learn what other community members have to say. The great thing about forums and community boards is that you will learn about the good, bad, and ugly aspects of a place from people who have had experience living there.

Find an Expert Realtor

An expert realtor is a liaison between you and a new city, and he or she should go out of their way to help make the transition as stress-free as possible. A good local realtor will know the city inside and out and can help you find a home in a neighborhood that offers excellent schools, a low crime rate, and the amenities you desire. Before selecting a real estate agent, do some research and learn what others have to say about working with them. Glass DoorZillow, and are excellent resources for finding a real estate agent and reading their reviews.

Plan Out Your Travel Budget

Before relocating to your new city, be sure to create a relocation budget so you know what financial resources you have available. Before the day of your move, you will most likely need to travel out to the city to check out your final home selections, and so you should account for airfare, hotel costs, meals, car rentals, and other costs associated with your travels. Once you have picked out the perfect home, you will have to have money to pay move in and utility set up costs as well as the costs associated with moving your family and belongings to your new home. When planning out your budget, be sure to give yourself a nice financial cushion so you can afford unforeseen expenses and last minute trips that may creep up.

If you are relocating due to a job transfer or because you were hired by a new company, check ahead of time to see if you are eligible to receive a relocation allowance to help out with moving and travel costs.

Moving to a new city can be a fun and exciting adventure where you can start fresh and experience new cultures, new sights, new food, and meet new people along the way. Whether you are moving to Raleigh or another major city, contact us today so we can help take the pain points out of relocating.