10 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

//10 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to declutter. Optimize space to share with your loved ones and show off your holiday style. Having family and friends over makes you feel like you have to clean the house from top to bottom and buy extra decorations and food, but concentrating your efforts on a few areas makes the whole process much easier.

Here are ten quick and easy ways to get your home ready for the holidays and make it a memorable one.

1. Make Space in the Foyer

Your foyer is the first impression of the interior of your home. So, clear out shoes, umbrellas and clutter. If some of these items are displayed for convenience here, arrange them neatly after cleaning and remove excess items.

Create space in the foyer for your guests’ items so that feel at home, too. Hang a few coats in the closets so your guests have room to hang theirs.

2. Freshen up the Bathroom

Are the tub, toilet and sink clean? Sweep the nooks and crannies, and stock extra toilet paper and convenience items if guests are staying over. Place the items in a basket, including washcloths, towels and toilet paper so guests find these easily. Place a diffuser in with a comforting oil such as lavender.

3. Create Extra Sleeping Areas

Are guest rooms filling up? Add a sleeper sofa, air mattress or cot for children in the guest room of their parents.

Little cousins want to camp in your child’s room? Encourage them to bring sleeping bags, and you can hang a canopy or draperies to create the illusion of a campout.

No guest rooms? Set up loved ones on the sleeper sofa in the den, or place the air mattress there. Add a screen for more privacy to divide space, or add draperies across a door frame without a door.

Set aside extra pillows and blankets, if convenient. Leave an extra blanket. Place them in a large wicker basket with a welcome note.

4. Ready Command Central

Hundreds of years ago, the kitchen was the center of activity and often the warmest home in the house. During the holidays, the kitchen is central command where delicious meals celebrate your gathering with loved ones. Put away unneeded items and clear counter space. Prep what you can in advance so no one wastes time looking for hard-to-find items. Add a coffee and cocoa station in the kitchen to enjoy.

5. Increase Seating in Living Room

Remove extra items from the coffee and side tables. Clear off ottomans that make for convenient seating or footrests. Increase seating by bringing in foldable chairs or stools.

Do you have a window bench that you commonly display items on? Remove these items and place a cushion on it with comfortable pillows. Don’t forget the extra coasters to with the extra folks.

6. Pick up Two Gender-Neutral Gifts

Surprise guests happen. Someone who RSVP’d “no” will suddenly have free time to show up after all. Pick up a graphic mug and place treats in it or a mandala coloring book with colored pencils. If you don’t use these for the holidays, the odd birthday sneaks up, too.

7. Add Fresh Cut Flowers

Pick up a few small bouquets from the local florist or grocery store and place them around the home, such as in the kitchen and guest rooms. Include fall annuals in the vases, such as balloon flowers, white snakeroot, sweet alyssum or goldenrod for earlier holidays, and in the winter, wintergreen clippings or dried flowers can also be charming.

8. Display WiFi Password

Take a tip from coffee shops and restaurants and display your WiFi password for the guest network in a common area by pinning it to the bulletin board in the kitchen or in a small, affordable frame in the guest room.

9. Mix Holiday Decorations with Existing Decorations

Match snowmen to white candles, and fill an unused glass bowl with green bulbs. Hang garlands over doorways, and place red and green candles around the home. Mix your whites, silvers, blues, purples, greens and reds with like hues already in the home to maximize your decorating without spending money.

10. Display Table Top & Board Games Conveniently

Have a collection of tabletop and board games? Pick out a few and place them in clear view for guests to take out and play when boredom strikes or you need an icebreaker. Donate old games to a thrift store or used bookstore.

Ready your home for the holidays with these ten tips. Contact us for more information on preparing your home for special occasions and caring for your house as the seasons pass.