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The Choice is Yours

New Homes are available for personalization across communities in the Triangle and Coastal NC

Make it your own with exciting new design options and finishes

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New Home personalization is available in these communities across Raleigh-Durham & Coastal NC areas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the presale & design process at Robuck Homes

How do I schedule my in-studio appointment?

Each home is assigned a scheduled start date based on our construction calendar. That start date can be anywhere from two weeks after you sign your contract to a few months away. You should expect to hear from your Design Studio Consultant within a few weeks after you have signed the contract for your new home. Your Design Studio Consultant will reach out to you directly to schedule your in-studio appointment, and give you more details about what is involved.

What types of things can I pick out when building my home?

You will be selecting all the finishing details, including things like flooring, tile, lighting, cabinetry, and paint colors. You will also have the option to choose some decorative details like wainscotting, dropzones, and accent colors. Robuck Homes has an assortment of curated, well-loved options for each category. It helps to think of these as the things that are attached to the house; we will not be picking items like furniture, art, or accessories at the Design Studio.

What does a Design Studio Consultant do for me?

Your Design Studio Consultant is a trained professional who will guide you through the selections process. There are a lot of items to choose in a home, and their job is to help you select each item needed in an organized and efficient way. They are knowledgeable about the products offered and their applications, and they will make recommendations based on your budget and lifestyle needs. Their goal is to make this overwhelming process fun and easy for you!

It is important to know that our Design Studio Consultants are not paid on commission and will never try to upsell you. 

What happens during a Design Studio appointment?

Our Design Studio Consultants really love meeting with you, and they are excited to walk you through each step of the selections process.

First, they will get to know you a little bit and ask some questions to discover what you like or dislike, as well as any specific needs you may have.

Then, you will work on selecting the exterior color palette for your home. Your Design Studio Consultant will keep in mind the surrounding homes and help you create an exterior design that is unique to you and your home.

After the exterior, your Design Studio Consultant will begin to work through each room inside the home. They will present choices available for each area, and ask about what you prefer. They will also be able to tell you prices of the options available so that you can make the best choice for your budget and lifestyle. Throughout the process, you and your Design Studio Consultant may be rearranging and reselecting areas to get it just right.

After all selections have been made, the Design Studio Consultant will send you home with a Selections Sheet outlining everything you have chosen.

Finally, after you have had time to process your selections, get any extra questions answered, and everything on your Selections Sheet looks good, your Design Studio Consultant will ask you to sign off on your selections. This means you are giving Robuck Homes authorization to order these specific materials for your new home so that the other fun part can begin – construction!

What do I need to do before a Design Studio appointment?

While you do not need to have each area of your home planned out before you arrive, it is helpful if you come prepared with a few photos that highlight some things you like. Don’t go crazy here – 5-10 photos seems to be the ideal range. When looking for inspiration photos, you don’t necessarily have to like everything in the photo; simply point out to your Design Studio Consultant what items you do and don’t like, and they will take it from there.

It is also helpful to think about specific features in previous or current homes that you really enjoy and those you didn’t care for and share those with your Design Studio Consultant. That way, they can work to avoid or accommodate those as necessary.

Who can I bring to my Design Studio appointment?

Please understand the design studio contains many heavy objects and other potential safety hazards. Since we cannot guarantee the safety of children, we respectfully request that you make childcare arrangements. While we also love our real estate partners, the design studio appointments are for the buyer(s) only. You will be making important decisions which will affect you and your family for years to come and we know you want to give these important decisions your full attention.

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