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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have an electrical outlet not working.

    • Check to see if it is controlled by a GFIC Outlet. These would be installed in areas where there might be water: bathroom. Kitchen, garage or exterior outlets. The outlets may be run in a circuit so the reset control may be located on another outlet in the circuit (ex. powder room outlet may be reset in the hall bath).
    • If not controlled by a GFIC outlet check the breaker panel box to see if a breaker has been tripped. If so, reset the breaker. If it’s not the breaker or the GFIC contact the electrician for the next step.
  • How often do I change my air return filters?

    • Once a month. If you have pets you may need to change them more often. Remember, a dirty air filter not only makes your system work harder resulting in higher utility bills, but it may lead to costly repairs to your system.
  • My water pressure is low, can Robuck adjust pressure?

    • Water pressure is commonly a factor of your community’s water supply, either from your municipality or community well system. Often it is outside a builder’s control to adjust pressure.
    • However, every home is installed with a Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV). Robuck can verify it is set correctly however we will not adjust. A licensed plumber needs to make the adjustments.
  • I have paint imperfections and marks on my walls. Will Robuck fix these?

    • Dings, dents, scratches, marks or any other blemish or imperfection is not covered under Robuck’s warranty. 
    • At your 11 -month walkthrough and service, as a curtesy we will repair nail pops and settlement cracks. However, these items are not warrantable, and will only be addressed one time.
  • My hardwoods are making noise (i.e. creaking, popping) Will Robuck address?

    • Creaking and popping of hardwoods are extremely common occurrences as all wood products are dramatically effect by relative humidity, temperature, moisture from spills and cleaning.
    • If squeaks or pops can be replicated in a specific & concentrated area of the floor we will attempt to reduce the occurrence or noise level, however this is not guaranteed. Often as the seasons change so will the noises from your hardwoods.
  • My site finished hardwood floors are cupping. Will Robuck fix?

    • Site finished hardwood floors are extremely sensitive to moisture and climate conditions. Small changes in the humidity and temperature of your home can cause dramatic changes in the appearance of site finished hardwood floors. Robuck holds our floors to National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) performance guidelines. If cupping is outside tolerances established by NWFA, we will address.
  • How do I submit a warranty request? When do I submit items for my 60-day or 11-month walkthrough?

    • Our online system gives homeowners the ability to conveniently submit their warranty items on our website, Robuck.PunchlistManager.net. When your 60-day and 11-Month dates approach you will receive an e-mail that outlines the instructions for submittals, along with a personal username and password. Please use this system when you submit your 60-day list.
  • My cabinets are pulling away from the wall or I have a crack between my backsplash and countertop.

    • You can expect expansion and contraction in all areas of your home. The results of expansion and contraction is cracking or gapping where solid surface planes intersect.
    • The intersection of 4 surfaces occur in your kitchen; walls, cabinets, tile, & countertops. Each of these items will move independently causing the grout and caulk to crack where they meet. This is incredibly common, and it is a part of the regular maintenance of your home to re-caulk these areas. Kitchen with exterior walls will experience this more commonly as well as more dramatically. Gapping over ¼” can be reviewed by Robuck to ensure no other underlying issues exist.

  • My concrete has a crack, will Robuck replace or fix?

    • There are two types of concrete, one type has cracked, and the other type is going to crack. Robuck will review any cracks that are over ¼” wide and have vertical displacement.
  • I have mold on the outside of my home. Will Robuck repaint?

    • Mold / Mildew and other stains on the outside of the home are normal and are not the result in inferior paint products or thin coats. Regular pressure washing, and cleaning with an exterior cleaning product will quickly clean the areas you see mold / mildew / or other stains. This can be needed as quickly as a couple months after moving in!
  • When can I stain my deck or screen porch?

    • Robuck recommends waiting for a full season cycle, or approximately one year before applying stain and sealer to your pressure treated surfaces.
  • How do I register HVAC units for extended warranty coverage?

    • You can go to the manufacturer’s website to register your units for an extended warranty from the manufacturer.

  • I have dead spots in my grass, dead bushes, dead tree or other landscaping issues. Will Robuck fix?

    • Landscaping items including but not limited to grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees are not covered under warranty. These items are installed in healthy, living condition and it is the sole responsibility of the homeowner to maintain and nurture these items.
  • Why do I have so many weeds in my grass? Other yards do not have weeds.

    • There are 3 guarantees in life. Death, taxes, and weeds.
    • Numerous factors contribute to weeds, none of which lead to a warrantable situation. Weeds can only be prevented and controlled with a regular treatment program. This is up to the homeowner to maintain, even and more so in new yards.
  • I have standing/running water in my yard, sometimes it looks like a river.

    • Your yard has been graded in adherence to North Carolina’s building code. This requires positive drainage away from your foundation. Furthermore, swales are installed to allow for water to concentrate and drain away from your home. During rain events water will build in these areas by design to then flow away from your home. After rain events you can expect to see standing water in your yard for up to 48 hours. During seasons of increased rainfall, you can expect soils to be saturated for several weeks. This can be observed by water pushing up around your shoe when stepping on wet areas.

Warranty Promise

Dear Robuck Homeowner,

Robuck Homes is one of few builders that can go back generationally over 9 decades, and we are fortunate to build in one of the most vibrant markets in the country. Being a predominantly self-funded company, we’re able to take care of you on a more personal basis, both in construction and warranty service after your home is completed.

Our Self Funded Warranty Program Emerged from Real Homeowner Experiences:

Approximately 5 years after closing, two homes were experiencing foundation issues due to settlement.

Both of these claims sent to the 3rd party warranty company were not covered. In my professional opinion, those construction warranty claims should have been covered. So, Robuck Homes went to both homes and fixed the issues out of our own pocket anyway, because that is what we do.

After those experiences, we began to examine our 3rd party warranty programs closer. We found that most programs like these have clauses to get out of almost every claim sent to them. In fact, every claim made by a Robuck Homeowner to a 3rd party warranty company had been denied. I felt these warranty programs were costing us more money to have the coverage than it did for us to personally handle the claims.

We Stand By Our Craftsmanship

Our self funded warranty program was born in 1995. If Robuck Homes is responsible for a construction issue, our team will go back to your home to complete the warranty work. Our craft is not only the quality product we build, but also the relationship that we have with our homeowners.

Congratulations on your New Robuck Home!

We Know Financing plays A major part in your new home decision

Robuck Homes can help you focus on finding your dream home with stable financing options that bolster a spectacular homebuying experience.