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Robuck Homes is one of few builders that can go back generationally over 9 decades, and we are fortunate to build in one of the most vibrant markets in the country. Being a predominantly self-funded company, we’re able to take care of you on a more personal basis, both in construction and warranty service after your home is completed.
Our Self Funded Warranty Program Emerged from Real Homeowner Experiences:

Approximately 5 years after closing, two homes were experiencing foundation issues due to settlement.

Both of these claims sent to the 3rd party warranty company were not covered. In my professional opinion, those construction warranty claims should have been covered. So, Robuck Homes went to both homes and fixed the issues out of our own pocket anyway, because that is what we do.

After those experiences, we began to examine our 3rd party warranty programs closer. We found that most programs like these have clauses to get out of almost every claim sent to them. In fact, every claim made by a Robuck Homeowner to a 3rd party warranty company had been denied. I felt these warranty programs were costing us more money to have the coverage than it did for us to personally handle the claims.

We Stand By Our Craftsmanship

Our self funded warranty program was born in 1995. If Robuck Homes is responsible for a construction issue, our team will go back to your home to complete the warranty work. Our craft is not only the quality product we build, but also the relationship that we have with our homeowners.

Chip Bishop
General Manager
Robuck Homes