How to Determine Whether a Community is Right For You

Sep 7, 2019

Getting a feel for a community and trying to determine if it aligns with your lifestyle is a important when you are planning to move. It’s essential that you choose an area with a community that adds value to your life. How can you determine what that community looks like, though?

The community you live in will determine how you live your day-to-day life.  Regardless of what sort of community you’re on the hunt for, we’ve rounded up a handful of tips to help you determine whether or not an area’s community is right for you. Everything from ease of getting around and access to the shopping centers, outdoor activities, schools and restaurants.

Take advantage of local resources

If you have friends who live in the area you’re looking to move to, this is a great opportunity to connect; and, if not, be on the lookout for local walking tours or opportunities for short-term rental stays. All of these steps offer you a chance to “try out” life in a neighborhood you’re unfamiliar with. Getting a feel for the day-to-day vibe of a community is an excellent way to keep your thumb on the pulse of the area.

Connecting with friends and family who live nearby will  give insight into aspects of life in the area.  Ask questions about the quality of life, commute times, cultural outlets, and other aspects of the community that could impact your choice.

 Take a staycation

Consider a staycation. You’ll be able to practice living in the community– everything from eating and commuting to shopping and exercising can look different from one area to the next.

Take note of HOA’s

If it’s likely you’ll purchase a new construction home you’ll want to learn about the Home Owners Association and what services it provides and possible restrictions.  Selecting a community with a homeowners association will grant you access to many amenities that contribute to a greater sense of community. Check out details about access to community recreational opportunities like clubhouses, pools, or golf courses.


Start envisioning your new life

Ask yourself how you’d feel about living in the area– do the amenities meet your needs? Does the community create the feelings and emotions you seeking in this chapter of your life? How will you achieve a work/life balance? What recreational outlets are available? All of these questions are crucial to making a well-informed decision.


Looking to learn more about residential communities throughout the Raleigh/Durham and Coastal Carolina area?  Contact Robuck Homes today to speak to a team member about move-in ready communities and newly custom-built homes. No matter your preferences or lifestyle, we’re well-poised to point you in a direction that’ll improve your life and strengthen your sense of community.