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What to Consider When Choosing a Floor Plan for Your Home

Are you getting ready to design your new home? The floor plan is one of the most important elements of that home. It will set up your property and help determine how you will live in your new space. There are many elements to consider when choosing your floor plan–but this guide can make it easier to see exactly what your new home needs. What Size Home Fits Your Lifestyle?  Are you looking for a minimalist-style home with a relatively small

How to Determine Whether a Community is Right For You

How to Determine Whether a Community is Right For You Integrating into a healthy community that aligns with your lifestyle is a key aspect of moving. No matter how far from home you decide to relocate, it’s essential that you select an area with a community that adds value to your life. How can you determine what that community looks like, though? And is it really worth passing up otherwise-excellent opportunities to pursue the ideal community? The answer is a resounding yes. The

New Homeowner Checklist For Year One

Purchasing a home is a thrilling life event and a time when you will have, what feels like, a million things to do. From packing up to moving in, to getting your kids off to their first day of school, there is a lot to get in order. To help ensure you get settled into your new home,  here’s a checklist with tips to get you through your first year of being a homeowner!   1. Review Your Home Inspection Report Review the

Great News! Home Appreciation Continues in the Triangle of North Carolina

For those not familiar with the Triangle it borders three key cities, Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, and three universities. The universities included within the boundaries are Duke University in Durham, the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University in Raleigh. The Research Triangle Park and Raleigh-Durham International Airport is also prominently located in the area. This tri-city area is luring new residents every day which is reflective of the strong job growth and a high quality

Relocating? How to Take the Pain Out of Your Long-Distance Home Search

Relocating can be an experience filled with anxiety of the unknown, especially when you are heading off to live in a place that feels foreign to you. From trying to find a new home to figuring out the travel expenses associated with the move, relocating can be just as overwhelming as it is exciting. Whether you are moving to a new city to take on a new job, to be closer to family, or because you simply need a change

Making the Most of Your Trip to Wilmington, NC

Get Ready for a Trip to Wilmington, NC! Nestled in along the Atlantic coast is where you will find the booming port city of Wilmington, North Carolina. It is a city that is rich in history that dates back thousands of years, and most notably for its role in helping to shape the events of the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and even World War II. The streets are adorned in brilliant Colonial architecture and the resident’s welcome guests like they were

Planning Your New Home Purchase: 5 Tips To Help You Out

For most first-time buyers, the process of planning, choosing, and purchasing a home can be quite stressful. Many don’t know where to start – or if they do, they don’t have a good plan in place. It can be difficult to navigate this daunting task on your own, so here are 5 helpful tips to consider before you start. 1. Know Your Budget First and foremost, know exactly what you’re working with financially. Nothing is worse than falling in love with the

Fuquay-Varina, NC: Small Town Charm Near Big City Conveniences

Talk to a local who has lived in Fuquay-Varina for many years and they will tell you the changes have been unbelievable. The population has doubled in the last 10 years! Residents have always known this is a special place. Visitors used to travel here seeking the healing powers of the Fuquay Mineral Spring. Today, you can still drink those “healing waters,” but there’s so much more to experience. With two downtowns, several parks, good schools, and a short commute

Moving to Raleigh, NC - New Home

Looking to Relocate? Top Reasons to Live in the Downtown Raleigh Area

If you’re looking to relocate to the East Coast, consider North Carolina, specifically the downtown Raleigh area! Downtown Raleigh is home to over 160 restaurants and bars, and an eco-friendly electric bus that can connect you with the best shopping and entertainment in the area. Experience southern living near downtown Raleigh. Here are some other things you’d enjoy while living there!   Educational opportunities Forbes named Raleigh second for most educated in an article on ten most and least educated cities in America.

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A Buyers Market Requires an Experience Builder: Make the Right Choice

There are few goals in life as important as owning a home. Even better is the opportunity to build the home of your dreams, a custom home personalized to suit your needs and those of your family. Building a custom home often involves more time and cost, but when done well, the benefits greatly outweigh the extra effort. Selecting the right home builders, who have experience in building fine homes and extensive knowledge of the area where you want to build,