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  • Raleigh Dream Center expands its addiction recovery services with the help of Robuck Homes and Homes by Dickerson

Raleigh Dream Center expands its addiction recovery services with the help of Robuck Homes and Homes by Dickerson

Oct 16, 2023

Men battling addiction in the Raleigh area now have even more resources available them thanks to the Raleigh Dream Center and new homes from Robuck and Homes by Dickerson. Robuck Homes is proud to have partnered with the Dream Center to provide safe housing and increase the organization’s services to those in need in Raleigh.

The Raleigh Dream Center’s vision of Building a Community of Hope resulted in Robuck and Homes by Dickerson partnering with the non-profit to build new spaces where Raleigh men can experience freedom from their addictions. Previously, the DCD program had 10 beds available for men struggling with addiction. In September of 2023, Robuck Homes and Homes by Dickerson each built a single-family home within a 30-day period. These two new homes allowed the Raleigh Dream Center to double the size of their program capabilities. 

The Robuck and Homes by Dickerson builds are now part of the organization’s 3.3-acre property, which houses its Dream Center Discipleship Program (DCD), a free residential program that provides men battling substance abuse addiction a space to recover. 

While in the DCD, residents focus on spiritual transformation through daily discipleship, the study of the 12-Step Program for recovery from addition, and through regular Bible studies. Together, the program allows them to see how lives can be changed through the Word of God. The Dream Center Discipleship Program and its property still have space for three additional homes, which will significantly expand the program’s services when additional homes have been added to the property.

In addition to the DCD program, the Raleigh Dream Center serves the inner-city population by bringing Christ-centered solutions to those struggling with hunger, trauma, homelessness, and unemployment. The Center’s residential and community outreach programs focus on the transformation of lives through the power of Christ. Raleigh Dream Center’s services do not cost, and they are designed to help people in need realize the dream of living an independent life.

Robuck Homes and Homes by Dickerson presented the keys to the two homes to Raleigh Dream Center on Thursday, Oct. 12, where Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin and Paul Kane, Executive Vice President/CEO of the Raleigh-Wake County Homebuilders Association attended.