4 reasons Winding Marsh offers unparalleled coastal living in Wilmington

Jun 21, 2023

Living by the ocean is a dream come true for so many people. From the relaxing sound of the ocean hitting the shore to the action and adventure that come from its waves, life on the coast can be as high-energy or peaceful as you want it to be. And if you’re looking for the perfect spot to claim your dream life, you’ll want to explore Winding Marsh. Winding Marsh is a quaint community that offers coastal living in Wilmington. It offers the optimum lifestyle for the area.

Here are 4 things you should know about this outstanding Wilmington location if you’re looking for a coastal home.

You can soak up the salt marshes within the community

There’s a reason this community is named Winding Marsh. It’s from the natural salt marshes that are adjacent to this enclave community. Salt marshes are naturally occurring wetlands caused by ocean tides. They also tend to be habitats for a variety of species, such as fish, birds like waterfowl, and shellfish. 

There are so many reasons you’ll love having a marsh in your backyard. With so much wildlife and beauty outside of your door, you can wake up, grab a cup of coffee and breakfast, and experience a stunning sunset from your porch. You can test your photography skills right from your neighborhood. You can even kayak, canoe, or Stand Up Paddleboard your way through the marsh to explore the surroundings you can’t get to by car.  

You can explore nearby Pages Creek Park Preserve 

The marshes at Winding Marsh aren’t the only place you can enjoy this peaceful way of life. Winding Marsh is also within walking distance of Pages Creek Park Preserve, a hotspot for birders looking for herons, egrets, ospreys, blackbirds, and warblers. It’s another great spot for kayaking through the peaceful water.

Pages Creek Park Preserve also has a 1-mile loop where you can bike, run, and walk. You can also take your dogs on a walk on the trail as long as they are leashed. A location cared for by New Hanover County Parks and Recreation, it’s a beautiful place you’ll love having so close to home.

You can get away from it all at Mason Inlet

Mason Inlet is a breathtaking way to take in the breathtaking local scenery once you’re enjoying coastal living in Wilmington. This small waterway, which is less than half a mile wide, connects the Intracoastal Waterway and Greenville Sound with the ocean while also separating the protected barrier island, Masonboro Island Estuarine Reserve, and Wrightsville Beach. 

Mason Inlet is a great spot for exploration. It can get busy with boats needing access to the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway. It has a distinct history as a Civil War hotspot. And it’s a dream come true for anyone looking to surf, fish, birdwatch, or kayak. And if you’re open to a quiet beach experience, you can get to Masonboro Island by boat or kayak to enjoy its over 8 miles of undeveloped shoreline. which is on the southern section of the inlet, can only be accessed by a boat or kayak. 

You can get peace and quiet at historic Shell Island

Shell Island is a distinct part of historic Wrightsville Beach, which became popular in a segregated South in the 1920s for Black beachgoers. But in 1926, a fire destroyed the Shell Island resort, which invited visitors to its shores, and it remained mostly desolate for decades. It wasn’t until the 1960s that the Town of Wrightsville Beach designated money toward the upkeep of Shell Island and it began to be restored to its original splendor.

Today, Shell Island is home to a few visitor destinations and beach homes, but it’s an intimate spot for those looking to avoid busy beaches. If you’re looking for a peaceful beach experience, Shell Island is a short drive from Winding Marsh. You’ll find beach access for shelling, fishing, or just lounging with a good book by the ocean.

Get to know Winding Marsh

Winding Marsh is an intimate and serene community that redefines luxury coastal living. This community has just 16 opportunities available, and each home features innovative floorplans with 2700 to 3090 square feet of living space. Enjoy first floor primary and guest suites and gourmet kitchens. Each home also has a large backyard with marsh views and residents also have private community access to the marsh. And rest assured we’ve got your investment in mind, as each is a stilt home built with elevators.

Prices start from $1 million+ and sales are by appointment. Get in touch for more details and to see just how incredible coastal living in Wilmington can be.