Scullery Kitchen: Why it’s a Smart Idea for Your Home

Feb 2, 2021

What is a Scullery Kitchen?

A scullery is another small kitchen in itself.  This gem of a kitchen within a kitchen provides a hidden space to store dishes, linens, dry goods, small appliances, and more.

For busy families, a scullery is part pantry, part prep kitchen and part storage space.

Here are key advantages of having a scullery kitchen.


Smart Storage and Prep Solution

A scullery kitchen is a designated storage and meal prep area.  This multipurpose space often accommodates small kitchen appliances, a prep sink, extra freezer, a dishwasher and general storage. A bonus is that it helps reduce clutter within the primary kitchen.

This smart solution serves as an extension of your kitchen.


Optimal for Entertaining 

Scullery kitchens are ideal for open floor plans as not only does it allow for space efficiency, it also offers a designated space that is out of view for the less visually attractive details such as dishes, groceries, or cleaning supplies.

This addition to your home will allow you to increase the capacity of your kitchen to manage cooking for a crowd. It is also great for larger families or if you frequently have extended family and friends over for meals.  Preview a scullery kitchen here.


Home Value

In additional to gaining a great multipurpose space, a scullery adds great value to your home.  Sculleries are very compatible with a multitude of floor design plans and allows efficient use of space.

Explore Robuck Homes optional scullery plans and build yours in Stoneridge or Bonterra. The inclusion of a scullery in your home is certainly a modern-day luxury.


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