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7 Curb Appeal Projects You Can Do in a Weekend

Apr 15, 2019

Since first impressions really do matter, it’s important to make sure your home’s curb appeal is inviting to passersby. Improving your home’s exterior can also help create a refreshing environment for you to enjoy. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple, inexpensive improvements you can make that will have a significant positive impact on your home’s appearance.

Clean Up Your Property

One of the easiest ways to enhance curb appeal is by deep cleaning your home’s exterior. From cleaning up your lawn to washing away dirt and debris, there are many things you can do to improve your home’s appearance.  

  • Trim the bushes.
  • Mow the grass.
  • Sweep the sidewalks and driveway.
  • Wash the fencing with a garden hose or rent a power washer from your local hardware store.
  • Wash your sidewalks and driveway.

Brighten Things Up

Replacing outdated front door or garage light fixtures is a great way to instantly brighten up your home’s exterior and increase its appeal. Instead of replacing the light with another similar fixture, you may want to replace it with sconce lighting instead. Sconces usually range in price from $30 – $75 at your local hardware store. But, before purchasing a new light, be sure the new fixtures have the same mounting system. If you don’t want to replace your current lighting, you can paint or spray paint your existing fixtures.

Wash the Windows

Cleaning the windows both inside and out can really add a sparkle to your home. Since washing the outside of your windows for the first time can be tricky, here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Spray the outside of the windows with a garden hose to remove dirt and debris.
  • With a small amount of vinegar and detergent diluted in warm water, sponge down the exterior of each window.
  • Use a long-handled brush for windows you can’t reach or have someone hold a ladder for you so you can safely wash each window.

Paint or Stain Your Garage Door

Since buying a new garage door can be pricey, you may not want to replace your existing one. However, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with an eyesore. If your current door is in good shape, you can make your garage door appear brand new by painting or staining it a different color. Power wash the door to ensure a clean surface before you begin and apply the paint or stain color of your choice.

Focus on Key Points of Interest

A fresh coat of paint is an easy and quick way to immediately brighten and refresh your home’s appearance. However, since painting the entire exterior of your home can be costly and time-consuming, you may want to focus your attention on a few key areas like the trim, doors, and shutters. If you don’t want to tackle a paint job, you can:

  • Add a decorative frame or put a wreath on the door.
  • Replace or add shutters to the windows.
  • Replace the hardware on your front door.

Add Some Greenery

Strategically placed plants can accentuate and frame key areas like entryways and windows. If you notice that your sidewalk leading up to the entryway is lacking, plant a nice row of flowers on either side. To accentuate your windows, you can add some window boxes with a nice selection of flowers as well. If your lawn is large enough, you may also want to consider planting a tree.

Update Your Address Number and Mailbox

Updating your address number and mailbox are both simple and fun projects that can have a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal. An outdated mailbox is a definite eyesore for any property, but swapping it out for a new one is easy and can make a noticeable difference to the way your home looks. When updating your house number, consider adding the number to your mailbox or try one of these other ideas instead.  

  • Put your number on a planter at the front of your home.
  • Make a vintage paddle address sign to hang on your porch.
  • Create a house number frame for your front door.
  • Add the house number to a stair riser on your front porch.



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