New Homeowner Checklist For Year One

May 15, 2019

Purchasing a home is a thrilling life event and a time when you will have, what feels like, a million things to do. From packing up to moving in, to getting your kids off to their first day of school, there is a lot to get in order. To help ensure you get settled into your new home,  here’s a checklist with tips to get you through your first year of being a homeowner!


1. Review Your Home Inspection Report

Review the home inspection report with your real estate agent and create a punch list.  The punch list will help you keep track of items needing repair or completion.


2. Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Having a good understanding of your homeowner’s insurance is important.  Work with your insurance agent to ensure you have adequate coverage to protect your home and  personal property.

3. Confirm Your Paperwork is in Order

Typically within 2-weeks of the closing date of your home, confirm your deed has been recorded.

4. Change of Address Updates
5. Document Your Personal Possessions    

Keep a record of your valuable possessions in the event you ever need to file an insurance claim. You can do this by taking photos or creating a video, along with creating a detailed list. Remember to record serial numbers where applicable.

6. Discount Plans
  • Most utility providers offer a budget plan, it is worth looking into to help manage your utilities.
  • Bundle plans such as homeowner and auto insurance policy.  Most insurance will offer a discount.
7. Create an Emergency Fund

Maintenance emergencies will happen. An emergency fund will  prepare for broken windows, dishwasher, or other home appliance malfunction. and leaky roofs ahead of time by setting aside money in an emergency fund.

Establish a separate fund for preventive maintenance and repairs.


8. Establish a Home Maintenance Team
  • Consider which services you will need for general home care and outdoor maintenance – – from landscapers, house cleaning, pest control to pool maintenance.
  • Another team of professional to include is an electrician, plumber, and all around handy man.
  • To help you identify this team, ask a neighbor and home service website for reviews and rating such as Angie’s List.
9. Meet Your Neighbors and Get Involved

Living in a new community and meeting your neighbors allows you to make connections and more comfortable knowing who lives around you.  Neighbors can also provide great tips and information to help you settle in during your first year as a homeowner.

Attend community events and consider volunteer opportunities.  This is a great way to meet new people and know what is going on where you live.

10. Set Up a Filing System

Organize personal and household documents in one place.  Documents include contracts, appliance manuals, home improvement receipts, expenditure for tax purposes, insurance documents, and other related paperwork you receive in a file for easy access.  Create a list and keep a organized filing system.

11. Plan Out Projects

Create a list of home improvement projects, repairs and tackle them one at a time.

12. Tools and Gardening Supplies

Lawn equipment will come in handy regardless if you hire a landscaper. Tools to have on hand include an edger, trimmer, lawn mower and gardening tools.

If you are in need of weekend curb appeals projects, check out 7 Curb Appeal Projects You Can do in a Weekend.

The first year of being a homeowner is busy and exciting. Take some time to breath and remember that Rome was not built in a day, and that you do not need to work through your entire checklist all at once.

To learn more about your home buying options or recommendations we welcome you to contact the Robuck Homes team, we are here to help!