Gems to Explore in Pittsboro, NC

Apr 15, 2022

Summer is the perfect time to explore the unique and welcoming community of Pittsboro NC. The scenic community that many call home is a spectacular place filled with activities and offers a hometown feel.  Read on to plan  for fun places to explore in Pittsboro, NC, and the growing community located minutes from Chapel Hill, NC

Carolina Tiger Rescue

If you love animals, Carolina Tiger Rescue is the place to visit.  Education is their key mission and the sanctuary welcomes the opportunity to educate everyone about the animals and their rescue stories. The species of animals in their care include tigers, lions, cougars, and kinkajous. Every animal that comes to Carolina Tiger Rescue calls the sanctuary their forever home.  The sanctuary offers public and private tours and visitors are encouraged to book a tour in advance.

Chatham Historical Museum

For history lovers, Chatham Historical Museum is the perfect place to tour. The museum has a history of the earliest inhabitants of Chatham County and its current dwellers. During the tour, you meet with historians who share the area’s rich history.


Enjoy a date night or a night out with family and friends and visit the wineries in Pittsboro. Enjoy handcrafted wines, wine tasting, and learn how they harvest grapes, and the delicate blending process. Here are a few gems you may want to include during your visit to the Pittsboro area.

  • Starlight Mead
  • Fireclay Cellars
  • Chatham Hill Winery
  • Closer Family Vineyards
  • Honey Girl Meadery
  • Melanated Wine


North Carolina Botanical Gardens

The North Carolina Botanical Garden is a  garden operated by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in nearby Chapel Hill. The botanical garden offers a number of programs that allows you to tour the gardens, take a class and participate in outreach opportunities.   It is also known to cultivate more than 1,100 acres of garden and conservation areas as they are committed to safeguarding rare and endangered plant species from extinction.

Whichever season you choose to enjoy the gardens plan to spend a day exploring and enjoying the rich flora, including many plant species found nowhere else in the world.

Kidzu Children’s Museum

Kidzu will inspire children and give adults the opportunity to channel their inner child through fun creative play. The museum boasts an 8500 square feet space ideal for play, creativity, and fun for all.  Plan your visit and enjoy a fun day.


Jordan Lake Track Trail/Seaforth Pond Trail

If you enjoy hiking at an easy pace, the Jordon Lake Track Trail/Seaforth Pond Trail is a 2.0-mile loop trail you want to be sure to explore. This is a popular trail known for birding, camping, and fishing.  The trail is open year-round and a beautiful place to visit.


Mark your calendar to explore the town of Pittsboro which is also considered a great place to live with a welcoming community.  If you are seeking to learn more about a new construction community in Pittsboro, visit Seaforth Preserve. Seaforth Preserve is a beautiful residential community built by Robuck Homes,  located on Seaforth Road, just past the popular community of Seaforth Landing.  Contact us to learn more about available homes.