A Guide to Buying a New Construction Home

Mar 16, 2022

Buying a new home as we know is a family investment.  Buying a new construction home provides you the opportunity to choose your home’s design features, floorplan, and much more.   It is equally important that you select a home builder with proven credibility.  There are several important steps to follow for a successful new construction buying process. This guide will assist you in getting started

Get your finances in order and get qualified

Mortgage pre-qualification is the first step you must take when purchasing a home. The process will determine affordability and how much a lender will offer for a home purchase.  Getting qualified beforehand allows you to focus on homes within your budget.

Getting qualified gives lends to giving you an advantage over other potential home buyers. Your competitors may not have pre-qualification in the search for a new home. When you do find your dream home you’ll be in a great position to initiate the home buying process.


Know Wants and Must-Haves in a Home

It’s important to know what you’re looking for in a new construction home.  Creating “needs” and “must-haves” serve as a great check and balance during your home search. Consider your lifestyle, and if a home doesn’t meet these needs, it may not be the best fit.  Remember these key points when creating your “needs” and “must-haves” list

  • Have a meeting of the minds with your spouse or partner
  • Know your budget and pre-qualification
  • Act quickly and confidently when the right home comes along


Partner with a Real Estate Professional

A real estate professional will help you navigate the home buying process, from search to closing.   The process of purchasing a new construction house involves significant preparation and time. Real estate professionals will consult with you and review all necessary paperwork and agreements to support you in a successful home purchase transaction.

Real estate agents support you in negotiating the home price.

Understand the Home Builders Warranty and HOA’s

A home builder more often will provide a bulders warranty and offers a home warranty with specific terms and conditions.  It’s important to review and understand the warranty and how it benefits a new home buyer.

Additionally, many new construction communities have covenants that as associated with a homeowners’ association (HOAs),  it’s important to understand the terms, community guidelines, and fees.

Contact Robuck Homes for a New Construction Home

At Robuck Homes, we have been in the home building industry for almost a century. Having built many homes in the United States, we have experience in building quality properties. Please contact us for a new construction home meeting your expectations.

Get started by identifying your desired location, get prequalified, and team up with a real estate professional to begin your new construction home search journey.

At Robuck Homes, our craftsmanship fits today and remains relevant for future home-buying generations.  We invite you to explore our collection of new construction communities throughout  Raleigh/Durham and Coastal Carolina.

Wishing you great success in your new home search!