Interior Home Design Trends of 2022

Feb 17, 2022

2022 is in full swing and with it comes new and classic home design trends. If you’re considering refreshing a current living space or planning to furnish your new home, there is a myriad of options to choose from.  Here’s an overview of home design trends to help you get started.


Traditional interiors are classic, filled with the comforts of a modern lifestyle.  The design is elegant and simple that most will enjoy. Traditional decorating lends to classic furniture pieces complimented with rich color schemes. A room with a traditional interior is set up to be functional, family-friendly, and comfortable.

There’s also a focus on symmetry which includes a classic use of space; pairs of furniture and objects such as armchairs or lamps. Then there are the architectural elements that may include crown molding and wainscotting.

The traditional style is often complemented with a mix of non-traditional elements to create a more personal space. The result is fresh and clean, yet classic.​


Mid-Century combines elements of natural woods, bold colors, slightly whimsical furniture designs, organic shapes, and tapered legs. The style is not only defined by its clean lines it also offers a variety of materials and shapes.

In 2022, the color palette choice is embracing warm tones such as beige, browns, blacks, and creams.  The accents pieces that are being used tend to be bright and add contrast to the neutral walls.

The home’s layout tends to be an open plan and uses alternative room dividers such as central fireplaces in living rooms. This makes the space feel larger and allows light to reflect around the rooms. These spaces are comfortable and welcome relaxation and conversation.


The modern style includes more transitional architecture such as Art Deco and Arts and Crafts. The focus is on form over function which includes large, spacious floorplans with dining and living spaces that flowed into one another.

The modern styles embrace monochromatic colors. Natural materials such as unpainted wood, metals, leather, and natural fibers.   Furnishing has an emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines with fewer curves.  The space often includes a well-placed art piece that can really bring the place to life.


The Coastal design comprises bright colors and natural materials combined with traditional elements.   Complimentary colors include white and beige, as well as shades of blue and turquoise. Did you know blue is the most popular color?

Coastal home trends are minimalism with a spark of modern design whereby the interior creates a relaxing, cheerful, and airy space.   In addition, a coastal modern home that follows modern trends and contains traditional elements is a real hit this year.

The balance of interior style which complements the furniture in blue and white is an ideal coastal design. Other popular interior wall color design trends favor – beige, brown, terracotta, warm taupe, or sand.

As you gain inspiration from the above themes it can provide you with a vision as you prepare to design the home of your dreams.  No matter how you feel about trends, always use what you love in your home!



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