She Shed, A Cozy Retreat Just for You!

Mar 17, 2020

Do you want to create a cozy hideaway? A space to find serenity in the midst of your busy schedule. Consider a she shed.  Whether it’s remodeling an existing shed or building one with a kit, a she shed could be a perfect addition for your home.

What is a she shed? 

A she shed is simply a retreat not a man-cave, but a retreat just for her.   Here are a few ideas for your home away from home.

A studio 

Trying to find space in your home for your art supplies can be a challenge. No matter your medium, whether it’s jewelry, beading, mosaic, painting, woodworking, pottery, quilting, or anything else, a she shed allows you to store your supplies and make art in your personal creative space.

A gathering place 

Define a cozy seating area, with a mini fridge, coffee maker and your favorite treats.  The next time a friend or you decide on a girl’s night out, head into the she shed to catch up. You could even host book club or wine night.

Reading nook

Unpack your books and create an inviting reading nook. This readers retreat will provide a place to read and relax at your leisure.



Music space 

Maybe you’ve wanted to devote more time to music, but concern about disrupting your family. A she shed provides a perfect solution; you can store your instruments or collection of albums or newly create playlist and enjoy the music from the comfort of your personal music space.

An Office or Private Study

Not enough room in your home for an office, a converted shed may be the perfect solution.  Create and open and airy space to accommodate your office needs. This great space will allow you to step out of your house to a comfortable office space so you can focus on work task .

A spot that’s yours and yours only 

All in all, a she shed allows you to carve out space in your home that’s perfect for you that will meet your specific needs.  It gives you space to focus, care for yourself, and spend time doing the activities you enjoy.


Ideas for decorating

A fresh coat of paint

If you plan to use an existing shed, revamp the exterior with a fresh coat of paint.  Choose colors you love and that complement your house and look beautiful in your yard. Also, cultivate a beautiful garden around the outside of your she shed will enhance your new space.

Browse estate sales, antique stores, flea markets, and thrift shops

Purchasing new items to furnish a she shed may be costly.  The alternative to consider is to up-cycle furniture.

Check out secondhand options for your decor. From trendy baskets to cool vintage chairs to quirky ceramics, you can find decorations you love at a great price point. See something you like that’s not completely perfect? You can paint it or even reconstruct it into something new entirely. Check out some awesome upcycling tips here.

Repurpose items you have tuck away in the attic or closet. A she shed can become an oasis where you can really focus on the much needed projects you want to tackle, hobbies, a perfect office space or simply a great retreat.

Finishing touches 
  • Install a small gable roof
  • Install window flower boxes
  • Landscape
  • Add outdoor seating
  • Install nice exterior lighting
  • Add a pathway to your she shed


A simple shed can be transformed in to a great space for her to escape for some therapeutic alone time. It can become an oasis where you can really focus on the much needed projects you want to tackle, hobbies and a perfect office space .  A she shed can boost your spirits and your homes  curb appeal.

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