Why Are In-Law Suites Gaining In Popularity?

Apr 16, 2021

Today, more and more homeowners are choosing to have an in-law suite as part of their home floorplan.  The desire to do so is to accommodate the ever-changing needs of their families.

In-law suites are an attractive feature in a home and in this blog article, you’ll read about the multipurpose use and benefits homeowners are embracing it.



An in-law suite, also known as a mother-in-law suite, can be a private living space on the same property as a single-family unit. Another and flexible option is the suite is a part of the main living space and is commonly used as a flex space where in-laws and or parents can live. These secondary suites can be located as a dedicated space for example on the main floor, basement, or bonus room.

Depending on your needs, your in-law suite can be home within a home. It may include a kitchenette, full bathroom, living area and have a separate entrance from the main home. These features provide a sense of privacy and independence.



In recent years, multigenerational households have increased. This has been partly due to the desire to have more family members under the same roof.  The trend has contributed to the emergence of in-law suites as a popular option.

The popularity of in-law suites has also been driven by the need to stay close to an aging parent. This arrangement makes it easier to provide care to loved ones.  An in-law suite is an excellent choice and allows the opportunity to maintain privacy.

If there is no immediate need to have your parents nearby, an in-law suite has proven to be very versatile. This space can be used for adult children in transition, visiting guests, and for other purposes.


Benefits and Great Use of Space

There is no doubt that an in-law suite is a desirable feature that can come in handy.  There are several options on ways to expand your living space.   If your parents are not yet at the age where they need a little extra help, there are great alternative uses. Below are a few.


Today’s workplace environment encourages remote and flexible working. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can convert your in-law suite into a dedicated place to work from home.


What a welcoming and comfortable accommodation to have for guests. When properly designed, in-law suites will ensure your guests have the privacy they need.


The additional room that an in-law suite creates can help you provide living space for your childcare provider. This will offer you convenience and save you money.



Another opportunity for this dedicated space is to transform it into a home theater, art studio, or fitness room.

Having an in-law suite as part of your home’s floorplan provides great flex space. As you embrace the feature of having an in-law suite it not only adds square footage to the home you have extra living space. The extra living space can benefit you, your guests, and your loved ones.

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