Create Your Own Home Gym

Nov 25, 2020

If you’re unable to make it to your local gym, why not bring a similar experience right into your own home.  Turn the garage, basement, attic or even a spare bedroom, into your own personal workout space. Creating your own home gym offers many benefits. Having a personal workout space designed with your own personal specifications makes it much more likely you will stick to your exercise plan and reach your fitness goals.

Selecting the best location for your home gym.

Carefully consider the place in your house that has the appropriate conditions for the equipment you plan to include. If space is limited, you’ll need to pare down your list to the equipment that will most benefit your fitness goals. Two factors to consider are:

  1. The size and layout of the space. A space which is square or rectangular in shape tend to be easier to arrange and you can maximize your space.
  2. The structure of walls and flooring. Make certain the construction features and materials used for the floor are strong enough to support the gym equipment you plan to purchase. Exercise equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical machines can trigger vibrations than transfer through the surrounding structure. If this may be an issue, consider a lower level space such as the basement or garage. These tend to be popular location considering the structure offer concrete flooring provide a good distance from living areas.

Bob Villa offers some great tips for creating a workout space that’s safe and structurally sound.


Purchasing equipment that’s right for your fitness focus.

Harvard Health offers a great guide to choosing quality exercise equipment that will help you reach your fitness goals.

Whether your focus is on establishing a cardio routine, strength training or circuit training, it’s important to choose equipment that’s not only right for your fitness routine, but that is something you will use on a regular basis.  If you’re unsure then try out equipment at a local gym. Consult with a personal trainer. Check online reviews before you purchase.

Designing the workspace and storage area.

As you plan your space and equipment consider your floor plan and your fitness goal. This will allow you to create a safe and welcoming training space.

A place for everything . . .

  • Storage and weight rack
  • Wall hooks – for bands, workout mats and weight belt

Lighting makes fitness sessions more effective

Lighting can make your workout sessions more effective.

Whether it’s natural lighting or overhead lights ample lighting is important. Daylight LED bulbs are the closest to imitating natural light and are an efficient light source.



You help you follow the correct workout form

Working out in front of a mirror can help prevent injuries. Sound strange? It’s won’t, once you consider the thought. Viewing your movements helps you perfect your form and posture. Moving your body in recommended ways prevents stress and damage to muscles and tendons.

Acrylic or plastic mirrors are both great for mirror arrangements for a workout space. They should be placed where they are well-lit but not where lights shine directly onto them. Mirrors also make a small space feel more expansive, encouraging freedom of movement.

A TV or computer screen permits video workout streaming.

Mounting a TV or a computer screen on a wall in front of an open area in a home gym facilitates working out to video programs; an increasingly popular means for achieving more effective, original and fun workouts. Streaming video or personalized programs set up by your personal trainer is an affordable, convenient, flexible way to keep fit.



We hope these tips on creating your own home gym will help you tackle how to create your own fitness space.

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