Tips for Organizing Your Garage

Jul 11, 2020

Cleaning and organizing your garage can be one of the most avoided tasks for people. Many garages have turned into a catch all for storage. We typically have items that we don’t have much use for an don’t want to part with. Into the garage they go. After a while, things pile up. Before you know it, you can’t even walk without tripping over something.

Whether your garage is in complete disarray or you are trying to declutter before it gets out of hand, here are several tips to help you declutter and organize.

Getting Started

  • Get a visual of your space and start planning.
  • You’ll likely need to place items outside of the garage. Check the weather and plan to declutter on a fair-weather day (no rain, high winds or snow).
  • Recruit family and friends.

Declutter & Organize

  • Clear the floor and place items outside of the garage.
  • Define sections as Keep, Donate and Trash and sort items within each section.

Give the Floor Some TLC

  • Sweep and give your floors a good wash to remove debris and grime.
  • Check floor for cracks and repair.
  • Consider painting the floors. Use of epoxy paint.  Epoxy paint is durable, allows for easy clean-up, stain resistance and gives a fresh glossy clean look.

Maximize Floor Space

  • Design and build cabinets as a space-saving option or consider prefabricated cabinets.
  • Think vertical and utilize the wall space.
    • Wall mount holders
    • Pegboard for small tools
  • Install a ceiling rack to store seasonal items.

Final Step

Place items in the assigned place, e.g. tools on pegboard, wall mount sports equipment, bike rack and yard tools, store seasonal items in containers. Donate items to a local charity or thrift shop. Stay organized by placing items in the newly dedicated spot.

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