Creating a Home Office Workspace

Aug 18, 2020

Whether you’re a home-based entrepreneur or a professional working remotely, a home office is becoming the standard. Now more than ever a home office is essential as many companies offer the flexibility to work from home.

As we learn to manage work-from-home life, it’s important to carve out your workspace.  Doing so takes a little time and know how. Here’s a quick guide to help you plan your home office space.


Choosing the home office space

You’ll likely be spending a lot of time in your home office, therefore choose a space that will be comfortable year-round. It should be inviting and easily accessible. Heating and cooling comfort is an obvious factor, and here are few more to consider.



  • Natural lighting from a window is appealing and soothing to the eyes then overhead fluorescent fixtures in a basement corner.
  • Take an inventory of electrical outlets for the space you’re considering. You’ll need to ensure you can accommodate your office essentials from a laptop or desktop, printer, desk lamp and other devices to support workday.
  • De-clutter the office space. Limit what you include in the home office. Having an organized workspace tends to support productivity.

Block out distractions

Understanding your office is in your home, it works best to not treated it as an extension of your home life.

Your home office should be staged as a comfortable quite workspace limiting distraction such as access to a TV and or voices from an adjoining room.


Office essentials

Prepare and have everything that is essential to support your work environment.

  • Desk
    • This piece of furniture style ranges from modern to contemporary. Measure your dedicated room or space and commit to finding a desk to comfortably fits your home office.  Repurpose a writing table you may already have tucked in storage.
  • Seating
    • This is key to your comfort in the home office. Choose an office chair that supports your body type.  There are a number of Ergonomic chairs that offer great support and rolls easily (you may need to invest in a floor mat).  Chair needs to comfortably fit into the desk space.
  • Lighting
    • Proper lighting is especially important to maintain productivity during long hours. Take advantage of the natural lighting from a window.  Also, consider adding a floor lamp and desk task light if your space can accommodate it.
  • Maximize your space
    • Desk risers help make hours working on your laptop more comfortable.
    • Consider all-in-one machines, such as a printer/copier/scanner/fax machine saves space and minimizes clutter.
    • Utilize vertical space and install floating shelving and or add tall bookshelves. Here’s a DIY plans for installing shelves above your desk or adding tall bookcases
  • Décor
    • Being comfortable in the home office is a vital part of succeeding in the home office environment. Spruce up your home office by selecting a style that reflects you. Repurpose art pieces, add your sports memorabilia or photos from a favorite getaway.

Working in a home office should be a comfortable and welcoming space.  As you get into the rhythm of work-from-home life, be creative and repurpose what you have.  Plan and arrange you dedicated workspace to allow you to stay organized and inviting to support your needs to allows you to be productive.

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