Fun Fall Container Ideas

Sep 24, 2020

Many of us have kicked off fall cleaning and refreshing our home décor to welcome the new season. Container gardens are a fun and fairly simple way to enjoy seasonal splashes of color. There is no need to become a master gardener and really anyone can create a colorful container garden.

Try these quick and easy ways to create a container garden to help refresh your curb appeal.

A Splash of Color

Grouping your containers together will create a mini garden. You can place bright yellow and orange mums together side by side, all of these incredible colors create a warm welcome to your front porch.

Another great addition for your entryway or patio is to select two or three small red jalapeño peppers.  Please this colorful peppers and grow in clay pots. A group of hot peppers provides a nice pop of color.

The options are endless, Vibrant lime greens and deep reds in the variegated leaves of Heuchera and Coleus contrast with the plumes of ornamental grass. The natural colors of fall create the prefect contrast for container garden planting.

Window boxes

A great and versatile way to add charm and a burst of color is to include window boxes. Simply include a colorful mixture of both annuals and perennials, which can include Mum and Supertunia.  These deep autumn tones, use dwarf ornamental grass, yellow chrysanthemums and ornamental kale.

Window boxes are a nice addition to your windowsill or over a porch railing.  Another added bonus, these boxes can remain on full display year-round and is easy to maintain as the seasons come and go.

The fall season offer a vibrant and  magnificent display of natural color and easy to add to a container. There’s flexibility and you can look for plants that boast colors like yellow, green, and purple. Or if you prefer something  more traditional select plants welcome autumn  such as  orange, yellow, and brown. 

If you’re still in need get started on transitioning your home from summer to fall there’s still time.

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